The layouts on this page are from websites, blogs, page layout for print and HTML Emails. They were shown in Museums and art spaces in New York, South America and Europe. The quarterly publication was to Arts & Education Organizations in the US.

A website page about architecture
A website about paintings

Samples of the American Arts Quarterly publication website redesign. The backend was a blog engine called Mephisto.

Event Card to publicize a Lecture on Western Herbalism. I chose the front cover image by Albrecht Durer and designed and produced the rest of the card with Adobe Illustrator and InDesign. I let the colorscheme of the cover illustration determine the rest of the card’s look and feel. The lecture was for a National Arts Non-For Profit based in New York City with a legacy from the generation after the Hudson River School of painters.

These screen grabs distill the marketing microsite for the new product the Laurel Hill brand was showcasing and releasing to select brick and mortar groceries throughout the US. The proto-type look and feel was assembled with flat graphic file layouts from a graphic design firm. My work went into advising on the interaction of the menus and the landing page items which would shift slightly to show a user had chosen whichever item in the front page layout. The website proto-type was built in HTML/CSS and JQuery along with a PHP/MySQL backend.

The stills above were for the New York Digital Salon 11th Annual Event. An exhibition project of the School of Visual Arts Computer Art Department. It was for a series exhibition titled Abstract Visual Music. I designed the look and feel in addition to the navigation, interaction and media content. I was also the technical producer of the site. It remains a sample of good design for a small scale, fine arts in electronic media context. The website was authored in HTML/CSS.