The layouts on this page are design and technical production with existing brand specifications. They remain as guides for good design in an ideal setting where a considerable amount of time and effort has been put into establishing a branding strategy.

HTML Emails for a graphic design organization non for profit in NYC. I produced and hand coded the announcement pages to be sent out to the National List of American Institute of Graphic Art (AIGA) chapters. My client was the New York Chapter (AIGA NY). These announcements were sent out to advertise and notify the membership base of the events, this included attendance reminders.

  1. 09T4registration.pdf
  2. single-evnt-AIGANY-Email.pdf
  3. aigany_eblast-4-9-28-08-html.pdf
  4. Tom_Sachs_9T4registration.pdf

Powerpoint Presentation Summary of Project for Microsoft Research and the Games for Learning Institute (G4LI), NYU Tandon & Microsoft Research. I designed and produced the documentation look and feel as well as the story for the team effort. The client for this project was Brooklyn Polytechnic which is now renamed NYU Tandon funded by Microsoft Research.

Teaching Creativity to Computer Science Undergraduates design and content collaboration with Joel Wein for NYU Polytechnic undergraduate computer science students. I designed the look and feel, organizing the course content brochure to hand out to students. Additional collaboration was with the professors on the course content. Fourteen week semester class.

The following pdf is sample research for the tradeshow company Emerald Expositions. We were about to lose our KPI of top search results on google due to the fact that a few sites were not mobile ready. I presented my case for changes needed to the executive members of the company. They reciprocated by accepting the research and made a redesign based on the research I presented. The company’s redesign was successful and implemented with enough time so that the google ranking KPIs were maintained.